Skill India
Skill India
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S No SectorJob Role / QP NameCourse Code / QP CodeNSQF Level Minimum Eligibility
1AgricultureAnimal Health WorkerAGR/Q480438th Standard passed
2AgricultureAquaculture workerAGR/Q49043Class 5, preferably
3AgricultureGreen House OperatorAGR/Q100335th Standard Pass Preferable
4AgricultureDairy Farmer/ EntrepreneurAGR/Q41014No entry level barrier; 5th Standard Passed preferable
5AgricultureTractor operator AGR/Q110148th Standard pass, preferably
6AgricultureGardenerAGR/Q080145th Standard pass, preferably
7AgricultureMicro Irrigation TechnicianAGR/Q100248th Standard Pass, Preferably
8AgricultureOrganic growerAGR/Q120145th Standard Passed Preferable
9AgricultureQuality Seed GrowerAGR/Q710145th standard pass, preferably
10AgricultureSmall poultry farmerAGR/Q43064Class 5 preferably
11Apparel, Madeups & Home FurnishingIn-line CheckerAMH/Q01023Preferably Class V
12Apparel, Madeups & Home FurnishingPackerAMH/Q14073Preferably, Standard VIII
13Apparel, Madeups & Home FurnishingSewing Machine OperatorAMH/Q03014Preferably Class V
14Apparel, Madeups & Home FurnishingSewing Machine Operator - knitsAMH/Q03054Standard V
15Apparel, Madeups & Home FurnishingSelf Employed TailorAMH/Q19474Preferably, Standard VIII
16Apparel, Madeups & Home FurnishingExport AssistantAMH/Q1601412th standard, preferably
17Apparel, Madeups & Home FurnishingHand EmbroidererAMH/Q100145th standard, preferably
18Apparel, Madeups & Home FurnishingPressmanAMH/Q04014Preferably Class V+F24
19Apparel, Madeups & Home FurnishingWashing Machine OperatorAMH/Q18104Preferably,Standard X
20Automotive Machining and Quality TechnicianASC/Q3509310th Standard pass, preferably
21Automotive Welding and Quality TechnicianASC/Q3109310th Standard pass, preferably
22Automotive Dealership Telecaller Sales ExecutiveASC/Q1011412th Standard pass, preferably
23Automotive Dealership Sales and Value Aadded Services ExecutiveASC/Q1012412th Standard pass, preferably
24Automotive Showroom Hostess - Customer Relationship ExecutiveASC/Q1111412th Standard pass, preferably
25Automotive Automotive Service Technician (Two and Three Wheelers)ASC/Q1411410th Standard pass, preferably
26Automotive Car Washer and Assistant Service Technician ASC/Q141735th Standard pass, preferably
27Automotive Chauffeur / Taxi DriverASC/Q971448th Standard pass, preferably
28Automotive Auto / E Rickshaw Driver & Service Technician ACS/Q971948th Standard pass, preferably
29AutomotvieCommercial Vehicle Driver Level 4ASC/Q97034Preferably Class VIIIth
30Beauty and WellnessAssistant Beauty TherapistBWS/Q01013Preferably Class VIII/ the ability to read/write and communicate effectively for the job role with 0-12 months experience in manicure and pedicure and basic beautyservices
31Beauty and WellnessAssistant Hair StylistBWS/Q02013Preferably Class VIII/ ability to read / write and communicate for the job role
32Beauty and WellnessAssistant Nail TechnicianBWS/Q04013Minimum Educational Qualifications - Preferably Class VIII and commensurate ability to read, write and communicate effectively Experience - No minimum experience required, through some experience (up to 12 months) in manicure and pedicure is desirable
33Beauty and WellnessAssistant Spa TherapistBWS/Q1001 3Minimum Educational Qualifications - Class VIII pass, commensurate level of reading, writing and communication
34Beauty and WellnessPedicurist & ManicuristBWS/Q04023Preferably Class V/ the ability to read/ write and communicate on the job role with 0-12 months experience in pedicure and manicure services
35Beauty and WellnessBeauty TherapistBWS/Q01024Minimum Educational Qualifications - Class X pass and commensurate ability to read, write and communicate effectively in the job role Experience - Minimum 6 months of experience as an Assistant Beauty Therapist or Pedicurist and Manicurist is required
36Beauty and WellnessHair StylistBWS/Q02024Minimum Educational Qualifications - Class VIII and commensurate ability to read, write and communicate effectively on the job role Experience - 24 months as a hairstylist in a salon
37BFSIBusiness Correspondence & Business FacilitatorBSC/Q03013Class X
38BFSIAccounts Executive - Accounts Payable and ReceivableBSC/Q09014Graduation in Commerce/allied subjects or Diploma in commercial Practice
39BFSIMutual Fund Agent BSC/Q06014Class XII
40BFSILife Insurance Agent BSC/Q01014Class XII
41BFSIDebt Recovery AgentBSC/Q07014Class XII
42BFSIEquity DealerBSC/Q02014Graduate
43Capital GoodsManual Metal Arc Welding/ Shielded Metal Arc Welding WelderCSC/Q020435th standard
44Capital GoodsFitter - Electrical and Electronic AssemblyCSC/Q03053Diploma(10+) - Electrical or Electronics
45Capital GoodsFitter Mechanical AssemblyCSC/Q0304310th Standard
46Capital GoodsCNC Operator TurningCSC/Q0115310th Standard
47Capital GoodsDraughtsman - MechanicalCSC/Q0402410th class pass
48Capital GoodsFitter FabricationCSC/Q0303310th Standard
49ConstructionAssistant Electrician CON/Q0602310th standard
50ConstructionBar Bender and Steel Fixer CON/Q020345th Standard
51ConstructionMason General CON/Q010345th standard
52ConstructionConstruction Painter & DecoratorCON/Q05033Preferably 5th standard
53ConstructionMason Tiling CON/Q010445th standard
54ConstructionMason Concrete CON/Q010535th Standard
55ConstructionShuttering Carpenter - System CON/Q03044Preferably 5th standard
56Domestic WorkersChild CaretakerDWC/Q02013Class V preferable
57Domestic WorkersElderly Caretaker (Non-Clinical)DWC/Q08013Class V preferable
58Domestic WorkersGeneral HousekeeperDWC/Q0102310th Standard Pass
59Domestic WorkersHousekeeper cum cookDWC/Q01013Class V preferable
60Earthmoving & Infrastructure BuildingJunior Batching Plant OperatorIES/Q01173Class VIII preferably.
61Earthmoving & Infrastructure BuildingJunior Transit Mixer OperatorIES/Q01193Class VIII preferably.
62Earthmoving & Infrastructure BuildingJunior Backhoe OperatorIES/Q01023Preferably Class VIII
63Earthmoving & Infrastructure BuildingJunior Excavator OperatorIES/Q01043Preferably Class VIII
64Earthmoving & Infrastructure BuildingJunior Operator CraneIES/Q01113Preferably Class VIII
65Earthmoving & Infrastructure BuildingJunior Mechanic - EngineIES/Q11023Preferably Class VIII
66Earthmoving & Infrastructure BuildingJunior Mechanic- HydraulicsIES/Q11043Preferably Class VIII
67Earthmoving & Infrastructure BuildingJunior Mechanic - Elec/Electronics/ InstrumentsIES/Q11063Preferably Class VIII
68Earthmoving & Infrastructure BuildingBackhoe Loader OperatorIES/Q01014Preferably Class VIII
69Earthmoving & Infrastructure BuildingExcavator OperatorIES/Q01034Preferably Class VIII
70Electronics & Hardware DTH Set Top Box Installation & Service TechnicianELE/Q810148th-9th pass with 2-years experience or 10th pass with no experience
71Electronics & Hardware Field Technician - Computing and PeripheralsELE/Q46014Diploma/ ITI
72Electronics & Hardware CCTV Installation TechnicianELE/Q4605412th Pass
73Electronics & Hardware Solar Panel Installation TechnicianELE/Q5901410th Pass
74Electronics & Hardware LED Light Repair TechnicianELE/Q93024ITI/Diploma (Electrical/Electronics)
75Electronics & Hardware Mobile Phone Hardware Repair TechnicianELE/Q8104410th standard passed
76Electronics & Hardware Field Technician - Networking and StorageELE/Q46064Diploma/ ITI
77Electronics & Hardware Field Technician - Other Home AppliancesELE/Q310448th Standard passed, ITI/Diploma (Electrical/Electronics)
78Electronics & Hardware TV Repair TechnicianELE/Q31014Diploma/ ITI
79Food ProcessingPickle Making TechnicianFIC/Q01024Class 8th
80Food ProcessingJam Jelly & Ketchup Processing TechnicianFIC/Q01034Class 8th
81Food ProcessingCraft BakerFIC/Q50024Class 8th
82Food ProcessingBaking TechnicianFIC/Q50054Class 10th
83Food ProcessingPlant Biscuit Production SpecialistFIC/Q50034Class 12th
84Furniture & FittingsCarpenter - Wooden FurnitureFFS/Q01024Class 5th
85Furniture & FittingsFitter-Modular FurnitureFFS/Q57024Class 5th
86Gems and JewelleryJewellery Retail - Jewellery Retail Sales AssociateG&J/Q68024Class 12th
87Gems and JewelleryCast and diamonds-set jewellery - Hand Sketch Designer (Basic)G&J/Q23013Class 10th
88Gems and JewelleryCast and diamonds-set jewellery - CAD OperatorG&J/Q23034Class 12th
89Gems and JewelleryDiamond Processing - Assorter (Advanced)G&J/Q36034Class 10th
90Gems and JewelleryHandmade Gold and Gems-set Jewellery - Goldsmith - ComponentsG&J/Q06033Class 10th
91Gems and JewelleryHandmade Gold and Gems-set Jewellery - Goldsmith - FrameG&J/Q06044Class 10th
92Gems and JewelleryHandmade Gold and Gems-set Jewellery - Polisher and CleanerG&J/Q07013Class 10th
93Gems and JewelleryCast & Diamonds Set Jewellery - Wax SetterG&J/Q17013Minimally qualified (would be able to read and write in any language)
94Gems and JewelleryDiamond Processing - Assorter (Basic)G&J/Q36013Class 10th
95Green JobsWastewater Treatment Plant HelperSGJ/Q66023Class 10th
96Green JobsSolar PV Installer (Suryamitra)SGJ/Q0101410th pass + ITI / Diploma (Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Mechanical, Fitter, Instrumentation, Welder, Mason)
97Green JobsSolar PV Installer - ElectricalSGJ/Q01024ns Maximum Educational Qualifications 4 10th pass + ITI / Diploma (Electrical, Electronics)
98Green JobsSolar PV Installer - CivilSGJ/Q0103410th pass + ITI / Diploma (Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Mechanical, Fitter, Instrumentation, Welder, Mason)
99Green JobsWastewater Treatment Plant TechnicianSGJ/Q6601412th Pass , 10th Pass +ITI/Diploma, 8th pass + 4 year's experience as Wastewater Treatment Plant Helper
100HandicraftsBamboo Mat WeaverHCS/Q87023Minimally qualified (would be able to read and write in any language)
101HandicraftsHandloom Weaver (Carpets)HCS/Q54123Minimally qualified (would be able to read and write in any language)
102HandicraftsHand Rolled Agarbatti MakerHCS/Q79013Minimally qualified (would be able to read and write in any language)
103HandicraftsBamboo Basket MakerHCS/Q87043Minimally qualified (would be able to read and write in any language)
104HandicraftsAgarbatti PackerHCS/Q80023Minimally qualified (would be able to read and write in any language)
105HandicraftsBamboo Utility Handicraft AssemblerHCS/Q87053Minimally qualified (would be able to read and write in any language)
106HandicraftsStamping operatorHCS/Q28024Minimally qualified (would be able to read and write in any language)
107HandicraftsEngraving artisanHCS/Q29024Minimally qualified (would be able to read and write in any language)
108HealthcareFront Line Health Worker HSS/Q86013Class 8th
109HealthcareVision TechnicianHSS/Q30013Class 12th
110HealthcarePharmacy AssistantHSS/Q54014Class 10th
111HealthcareDiabetes EducatorHSS/Q87014Class XII in preferably in Science or Home Science
112HealthcareDiet AssistantHSS/Q52014Class 12th
113HealthcareHome Health AideHSS/Q51024Class 8th
114Iron and SteelFitter: Electrical AssemblyISC/Q1001312th standard (Science) / ITI Pass
115Iron and SteelFitter: Instrumentation ISC/Q11023Class 10th
116Iron and SteelRigger - Rigging of Heavy MaterialISC/Q09083Class 10th
117Iron and SteelIron & Steel - MachinistISC/Q09093Class 12th
118Iron and SteelBearing MaintenanceISC/Q09063Class 10th
119Iron and SteelFitter: Electronic AssemblyISC/Q11013Diploma(10+) - Electrical or Electronics
120Iron and SteelFitter: Leveling alignment balancingISC/Q09053Class 10th
121Iron and SteelPlasma CutterISC/Q09104Class 10th
122Iron and SteelGas Tungsten Arc WeldingISC/Q09114Class 10th
123IT/ITesCRM Domestic Non-VoiceSSC/Q22114Class 10th
124IT/ITesCRM Domestic VoiceSSC/Q22104Class 10th
125IT/ITesDomestic Biometric Data OperatorSSC/Q22134Class 10th
126IT/ITesDomestic Data entry OperatorSSC/Q22124Class 10th
127IT/ITesDomestic IT Helpdesk AttendantSSC/Q01104Class 12th
128IT/ITesJunior Software DeveloperSSC/Q05084Class 12th or ITI
135IT/ITes3D Animation & Special EffectsMSME/ANI/054Class 10th
136IT/ITesAdvance Diploma in Computer Application Accounting and PublishingNIELIT/OA/4/404intermediate with knowledge of Basiccomputer and Internet Concepts
137IT/ITesAssembly & Maintenance of Personal ComputerNL/S/L2/C010 NIELIT/HW/4/903Class 10th
138IT/ITesAssociate-Recruitment SSC/Q25014Graduate in any discipline
139IT/ITesDesktop Publishing NARQ400344Preferably computer literate
140IT/ITesDiploma in Installation & Repair of Consumer Electronics Products NL/S/L4/C007 NIELIT/ES/L4/0074ITI or 12th pas
141IT/ITesDiploma in Multimedia and Animation Technology (O Level) NIELIT/IT/L5/0185Class 12th
142LeatherStitcher (Goods & Garments)LSS/Q55014Class 5th
143LeatherCutter-Goods & GarmentsLSS/Q5301 4Class 5th
144LeatherCutter- FootwearLSS/Q23014Class 5th
145LeatherShaving OperatorLSS/Q05014Class 5th
146LeatherSkiving Operator (Machine)LSS/Q24014Class 5th
147Life SciencesStore Assistant- Life SciencesLFS/Q06043Class 10th
148Life SciencesFitter Mechanical- Life SciencesLFS/Q02133Class 12th or ITI
149Life SciencesLab Technician/ Assistant - Life SciencesLFS/Q05093Class 10th
150Life SciencesProduction/Machine Operator- Life SciencesLFS/Q0207410+2 / D.Pharma/ ITI
151LogisticsWarehouse PickerLSC/Q21023Class 8th
152LogisticsWarehouse PackerLSC/Q23033Class 8th
153LogisticsConsignment Booking AssistantLSC/Q11203Class 12th
154LogisticsConsignment Tracking ExecutiveLSC/Q11213Class 8th
155LogisticsCourier Delivery ExecutiveLSC/Q30233Class 10th
156LogisticsDocumentation AssistantLSC/Q11224Class 10th
157LogisticsInventory ClerkLSC/Q21083Class 10th
158LogisticsForklift OperatorASC/Q97074Class 8th
159Media & Entertainment Makeup ArtistMES/Q18014Class 12th
160Media & Entertainment HairdresserMES/Q18024Class 12th
161Media & Entertainment Modeller MES/Q04013Class 10th
162Media & Entertainment Animator MES/Q07014Class 10th
163Media & Entertainment Character DesignerMES/Q05024Class 12th
164Media & Entertainment EditorMES/Q14014Class 10th
165Media & Entertainment RotoartistMES/Q35044Class 10th
166Media & Entertainment Sound EditorMES/Q34044Class 12th
167MiningMining - Mechanic / FitterMIN/Q03043Class X, ITI
168MiningMining - Wire saw Operator MIN/Q02034Preferable Class XII
169MiningMining - Loader OperatorMIN/Q02084Preferably 12th Class
170MiningMining - Bulldozer OperatorMIN/Q0205410 th pass
171MiningMining - HEMM MechanicMIN/Q04334Preferable ITI (Motor Vehicle Mechanic)
172MiningMine ElectricianMIN/Q04164Class XII, ITI, 2-3 years of experience including O&M
173MiningMine WelderMIN/Q04234ITI - Mechanical/ Welding Technology
174MiningMining - Safety OperatorMIN/Q04374Preferable Class X, 2-3 years of experience as safety operator or as support
175MiningMining Shot Firer/BlasterMIN/Q04284Class X and statutory certificate
176People with DisabilityHousekeeping Attendant (Manual Cleaning)PWT/Q02033Class 5th
177People with DisabilityRetail Sales Associate PWR/Q01044Class 10th
178People with DisabilityFood & Beverage Service-StewardPWT/Q03014Class 10th
179PlumbingPlumber GeneralPSC/Q010435th prefer
180PlumbingPlumbing Products Sales OfficerPSC/Q0302312th/ Certificate Courses in Sales
181PlumbingPlumbing After Sales ServicePSC/Q030338th pass
182PowerConsumer Energy Meter TechnicianPSS/Q010738th pass
183PowerAssistant Electricity Meter Reader, Billing & Cash CollectorPSS/Q3001312th pass
184PowerAssistant Technician - Street Lighting Solutions (Installation & Maintenance)PSS/Q6003310th Pass
185PowerDistribution LinemanPSS/Q010248th pass
186PowerTechnician - Distribution Transformer RepairPSS/Q30034ITI- Electrical
187PowerAttendant Sub-Station (66/11,33/11 KV)-Power DistributionPSS/Q30024ITI in Electrician Trade
188RetailRetail Trainee Associate RAS/Q0103310th Pass
189RetailRetail Sales Associate RAS/Q0104410th Pass
190RetailDistributor SalesmanRAS/Q0604410th Pass
191RubberJunior Rubber Technician / Technical AssistantRSC/Q08313Class VII
192RubberMill OperatorRSC/Q01014Class X
193RubberPneumatic Tyre Moulding OperatorRSC/Q02114Class VIIIth Pass
194RubberCompression Moulding Operator RSC/Q02054Class X
195RubberInjection Moulding Operator RSC/Q0207410th Standard passed
196RubberMaterial Handling and Storage OperatorRSC/Q01084Class 10
197RubberRubber Nursery Worker - General RSC/Q6005410th Standard passed
198RubberGeneral Worker - Rubber PlantationRSC/Q61074Class X - preferred
199RubberLatex Harvest Technician (Tapper)RSC/Q61034Class X - preferred
200SecurityUnarmed Security GuardSSS/Q0101 4Class 8th preferably
201SportsFitness Trainer SPF/Q11024Class 12
202SportsSports MasseurSPF/Q11034Class XII preferably with Biology
203SportsLife Guard-Pool & Beach SPF/Q1104410th class/be able to swim
204TelecomDistributer Sales RepTEL/Q2100410+2 or equivalent
205TelecomSales Executive BroadbandTEL/Q02014Graduate in any stream
206TelecomCustomer Care Executive - (Telecom Call Centre)TEL/Q0100410+2 or equivalent
207TelecomTelecom -In-store promoterTEL/Q2101410+2 or equivalent
208TelecomField Sales Executive - Telecom Plans and ServicesTEL/Q0200410+2 or equivalent
209TelecomHandset Repair Engineer TEL/Q2201410+2/ITI/Diploma/Certification in repairing services.
210TelecomTelecom- Tower TechnicianTEL/Q4100410+2 and/or ITI Diploma in Electrical/Mechanica
211TelecomCostomer Care Executive (Relationship Centre)TEL/Q01014Minimum : 10+2 or equivalent
212TelecomOptical Fibre TechnicianTEL/Q64014Class 8th
213TelecomTelecom Terminal Equipment Application Developer (Android) TEL/Q2300412th Pass
214Textiles & HandloomRing Frame DofferTSC/Q02023Preferable Qualification shall be 5th Pass
215Textiles & HandloomWarperTSC/Q73023Preferable Qualification shall be 8th Pass
216Textiles & HandloomAutoconer TenterTSC/Q03014Preferable Qualification shall be 5th Pass
217Textiles & HandloomRing Frame TenterTSC/Q02014Preferable Qualification shall be 5th Pass
218Textiles & HandloomStenter Machine OperatorTSC/Q54014read and write in any language
219Textiles & HandloomHank DyerTSC/Q72014Preferable Qualification shall be 8th Pass
220Textiles & HandloomTwo Shaft Handloom WeaverTSC/Q73034Preferable Qualification shall be 8th Pass
221Tourism and HospitalityHouse Keeping Attendant (Manual Cleaning) THC/Q020335th Standard Passed / Craft Course in Hotel Management (preferred)
222Tourism and HospitalityHome delivery boy THC/Q29023Minimum: 8th standard passed
223Tourism and HospitalityCounter Sales ExecutiveTHC/Q29034 8th Standard pass
224Tourism and HospitalityF & B Service: StewardTHC/Q0301410th Pass/ Craft Course in Hotel Management
225Tourism and HospitalityRoom Attendant THC/Q02024prefferable 8th standard passed
226Tourism and HospitalityFront Office AssociateTHC/Q0102412thStandard Passed / Craft Course in Hotel Management
227Tourism and HospitalityMulti Cuisine Cook THC/Q30064Primary education
228Tourism and HospitalityTravel ConsultantTHC/Q44044Diploma
229Tourism and HospitalityStreet Food VendorTHSC/Q30074Primary education