Skill India
Skill India
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Vice Chancellor's Message

Today, India is the most dynamic and youngest economy across the world. It is currently the most attractive destination for foreign investments and to cater the same we will need trained and educated, and niche workforce in diverse sectors. The lack of vocational training of the educated youth aspiring for a global career is a most widely debated present day subject in most of the developing nations. The world is experiencing an ever widening gap between the demand and supply of skilled workers in all the different levels of employment and the global shortage of skilled manpower is expected to stand at 56.5 million by 2020.

While nothing could be more satiable than joining hands in the development and of one’s country; CSVTU has launched “Swami Vivekanand Yuva Kaushal Setu” through which students gets an opportunity to identify their learning, have it assessed and formally acknowledged in the form of a qualification.

RPL is a very simple and straightforward process of assessing someone’s skills or knowledge, regardless of where and how these were learned. Unlike other forms of assessment, it doesn’t judge someone’s evidence of competence solely by the credentials or qualifications they have achieved, although this can form part of their claim. What RPL actually does is allow people to demonstrate that they are capable of undertaking specific tasks or working in certain industries based on evidence of skills and knowledge gained throughout their life.

Prof. Dr. M. K. Verma