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Refund Policy for Various Fees


All fee submitted against any category is non-refundable in nature through this mode of payment, although refund of any full or part payment in special cases will be defined in SVYKS Guidelines time to time

Payment is fully refundable in case of electronic fund transfer failure of various modes

Bank transaction charges will be borne by the payer. If any update is made on this criteria then that will be notified to payment gateway authority for updating.

Bank Transaction Charges (the charges which are charged by Bank for supporting Online Payment) and Payment Gateway Charges (the charges which are levied by Online Payment Platform/Service Provider like Kotak Mahindra shall be deducted from the Refund Amount. We do not Store your Credit Card details on the servers of www.svyks.in, hence we cannot deposit or revert the Refund amount directly in your Credit Card / Debit Card. The Only Way, a User can get Refund Amount credited in the Bank Account is via Cheque which will be issued from SVYKS. There shall be no Interest paid on the Amount which remains in the account of SVYKS for the duration of Refund. The duration of clearance of Cheque is not decided by SVYKS, hence it differs from Bank to Bank and case to case.

NOTE - Refund as per Swami Vivekanand Yuva Kaushal Setu Guidelines
Kindly Refer Swami Vivekanand Yuva Kaushal Setu Guidelines